Before and After

We love watching our clients’ reactions when a job is complete. Our results photos are a small sample of our work. Outsource the work and let The Home Crew catalog your home’s transformation.

Our organising and decluttering services cover the Greater Sydney region. The Home Crew has completed pantries, kitchens, linen closets, garages and wardrobes. Below are some of our latest results. To stay up to date with and get decluttering tips and organising advice, click here.

Decluttered laundry open shelves

These open shelves were cluttered and used to store anything that didn't have a "home". To effectively declutter, everything was removed and sorted out into donating or discarding piles. What remained was easily categorised and stored within easy reach. The client decided that she would cut her own vinyl labels to label storage tubs.

Decluttering a storage room and installing shelving

A storage room is a great space to have. If things are not stored in properly, then it will be a nightmare to find anything, let alone get access to it. This storage room needed some heavy decluttering and re-organising. Light duty shelves were brought in and installed so that items could be easily put away. It is important to make space to walk around and reach everything that is needed.
Organising pantry shelves Walk-in pantry decluttered and organised

Decluttering and re-organising a walk-in pantry

This pantry is quite spacious. When the owners moved in, they slowly built up their pantry stock and things items were stored anywhere there was an empty space. Using the client's own containers and crates, the pantry items were sorted into categories. Items that used often are within easy reach. Items to be donated or discarded were stored away in boxes.
Messy and cluttered kitchen drawer Decluttered and organised kitchen drawer

Decluttering kitchen drawers

Every kitchen has one or two drawers where items that don't have a specific home go to disappear. This one was not the third drawer down, it was the top drawer and it contained an array of things from loyalty cards to charging cables and kids stationery! There were also three large ceramic bowls that created some unusable space. Using the client's own rectangular organisers, everything found a home: cables, cards, keys... It's easy to find them because it's easy to put them away. Stress levels decrease!
Cluttered storage shed Decluttered storage shed

Decluttering a backyard storage shed

Decluttered storage shed with old flooring Cleaned storage shed with new shelving

When this client requested our decluttering services, they had already organised for a council cleanup. We decluttered into 3 piles: donate, discard, and keep. Here, we removed the old carpet flooring and installed the vinyl and shelves that the client had purchased. Then we packed things away based on how often they would access them. Now everything is within easy reach! This is our favourite before and after result, and some really happy clients. 

Pantry declutter and organisation

With a butler's pantry and tons of cupboards in the main kitchen, this client had almost too much space to work with. Everything was spread out among 8 cupboards without planning. The pantry was re-organised based on ease of access, and all the items can easily be found with each category stored in a specific place - like the aisles of a supermarket!

Double car garage declutter

Decluttering and re-organising a double car garage is not small task. We were blessed with cool weather on this summer day. The garage was decluttered in stages with the front half completely emptied out onto the driveway, then the back half moved to the front to allow for cleaning. This client already had some great storage crates and shelving. Everything was sorted into 3 piles: donate, discard and keep. There were a few "lost" items that were found and there was even enough space to make everything easily accessible.
Cluttered sideboard Decluttered and styled sideboard

Decluttering and styling a sideboard

When you step into your home and the first piece of furniture you see is a cluttered sideboard, the space suddenly feels less inviting, less calming and serene. Imagine walking through a display home that's cluttered. You would probably walk out immediately. If you are hosting an event at home, a dinner or birthday party, creating an welcoming and cosy space can be easily achieved with a little decluttering and styling. Remove day to day items and invite the eyes to focus on something interesting like a photo or painting, or some carefully grouped objects. Not the receipts from last week's trip to the hardware store!

Creating a potting nook

The client likes to create mini gardens and plant pots. Having an outdoor space dedicated to this activity, meant that the other spaces could have their own purposes. After decluttering, dozens of plastic pots were salvaged and consolidated in a "store" that is easily accessible. All the potting mixes, gravels and fertilisers were also consolidated withing arms reach.

Organising a linen closet

This linen closet became disorganised after a new baby arrived as both parents were putting their time and effort in settling into a new baby routine. Clutter creeps up slowly and unless tackled regularly, it can get out of hand. There were good intentions of organising the baby's cot sheets and sleep bags among other items like bath towels and sheet sets. However, as priorities shifted, the linen closet became disorganised and was in need of a reset. Refolding the fitted sheets and keeping sheet sets together, as well as making the towels visible, returned the closet to a functional storage space that works for the family.

Under house outdoor area decluttered

Under this house was an area where things went if they didn't have a home. It is a great little space to spend some time potting plants as the client has an assortment of potting mixes, pots and gardening tools. Unfortunately, it was so cluttered that it became unusable. After decluttering and clearing out items to be discarded, it has returned to being a useful little potting nook.

Workbench declutter to return it to use

In a well-equipped home workshop, the workbench had become a heavily cluttered storage surface for all kinds of tools and things needing attention. Unfortunately for the client, the workbench was unusable in its state, but the task of decluttering and re-organising the workshop was also too overwhelming. After two and half days of removing things that didn't belong there, repurposing many containers, and consolidating tools and materials in specific locations, the workshop is returned to its intended purpose: a cozy place for creation and tinkering.