Home styling is about making your living space reflect who you are. It’s more than just decorating; it involves choosing colors, furniture, and decorations that fit your personality and needs. It’s about turning your house into a comfortable and beautiful place that feels like it’s truly yours. Through home styling, we can help you create a space where you love to spend time, making it both functional and enjoyable. In short, it’s the process of making your home feel like a perfect fit for you.

You can style and re-style your home as many times as you wish. If you own an Airbnb property, the right styling will certainly make it stand out from the sea of listings. We love helping clients transform their houses into inviting homes. Let’s talk about what we can do for your property.

Staged bedroom with black upholstered bed, yellow cushion and line art wall hung print

Colour coordination in home styling involves carefully selecting and matching colours to create a visually appealing space. It’s not just about picking a favourite colour: it’s about how your chosen colours contribute to a cohesive look that reflects your personality and enhances the overall mood of the space. 

Furniture arrangement is a critical aspect of home styling, focusing on the placement of furniture to optimise both the function and aesthetic of a room. You have to take into account the room’s layout, the size of furniture, and how people move through the space. Effective furniture arrangement can make a room feel larger, more inviting, and more comfortable for daily activities. For special occasions and parties, don’t be afraid to drastically re-arrange the living room, positioning sofas and chairs to encourage social interaction, while ensuring there’s enough walking space around them. 

Accessorising is the finishing touch in home styling, involving the selection and placement of decorative items such as artwork, cushions, rugs, and lighting. This activity breathes life and personality into a space, allowing for the expression of individual style and the addition of character to a home. Accessories can also serve to tie the room’s elements together, highlighting colours and textures. Whether it’s a strategically placed vase that pulls the room’s colours together or a piece of art that serves as a conversation starter, accessorising is all about adding those final details that make a house feel like a home. This is when you can have some fun finding out what really brings you joy!