Organising services

Engaging a professional organiser can drastically streamline the task of setting up your home. Set yourself up for stress-free living right from the start.

Our professional organisers work closely with you to optimise your spaces and storage solutions, and establish systems that promote efficiency and peace of mind. When a home is well organised, everyday living is effortless and spaces are easy to keep tidy.

From wardrobes and kitchens to home offices and beyond, we’ll transform your space into a haven where everything has its place and life flows effortlessly.

Family life is dynamic, constantly changing with kids growing, timetables shifting and adults working from home more often. What’s more important than the aesthetics of a space, is how it functions to make home life stress free.  Organising services tailor the organisation of your space to fit your life.

When we organise a space (pantry, wardrobe, garage, office), we focus on how you use it and what items you need to be within easy reach. We use whatever storage containers or shelving you already have. Clients are always amazed at what we can achieve with our expertise, elbow grease and a few key storage tricks. 

A professional organiser can streamline your pantry with expert organising services

Decluttering is the cornerstone of home organising, involving the removal of unnecessary items from a space. This process is the first step, evaluating each item’s usefulness or sentimental value and deciding whether it should stay or go.

This is about designating specific areas in a home for different activities, such as a reading nook, a workspace, or a hobby area. We discuss the activities that take place in your home and then help you arrange the space to support these functions efficiently. By creating defined zones, each with the necessary tools and space to perform its function, you can enjoy a more structured and efficient living environment. This approach not only optimises space usage but also helps keep related items together, making it easier to keep the area tidy and organised.

Implementing storage solutions is essential to keeping a home neat and tidy. This involves finding appropriate places for keeping items so that they are out of the way yet easily accessible when needed. This might include adding shelves, bins, racks, or closet organisers. The key is to use space creatively and effectively, whether it’s using under-bed storage for seasonal clothing or a guest room wardrobe for seldom-used items. Proper storage solutions help maintain the decluttered state of the home, ensuring that everything has a storage place and can be easily returned to its place after use. Our organisers will explain their choice of storage and how it can work for you.

Developing organising routines involves setting up regular times and systems for dealing with incoming and outgoing items, such as mail, laundry, or groceries. This activity helps prevent clutter from accumulating by ensuring there’s a consistent approach to processing items daily or weekly. For instance, a routine might include sorting mail over a recycle bin to immediately discard junk mail or setting a specific day for laundry to ensure clothes are washed, dried, and put away systematically. Establishing these routines fosters a habit of organisation. This way, the home stays in a consistently tidy state. Our organisers will go through some simple routines you can adopt immediately.

Professional organiser services


15 minute onsite consultation
  • We assess your space
  • Tips and recommendations
  • We explain the process
Start here

Cupboard only

Pantry, linen/storage closet, wardrobe
$ 250
  • Declutter and sort items
  • Clean shelves and drawers
  • Organise for max. efficacy
  • Maintenance checklist

Whole room

Kitchen, living, home office
$ 600
  • Declutter and organise
  • Clean drawers, cupboards
  • Re-organise spaces
  • One free maintenance call*


Single car garage or storage shed
$ 480
  • Declutter and sort items
  • Clean shelves and floor
  • Re-organise tools/ storage
  • Consolidate rubbish