Frequently asked questions

It really depends on the size of the property and the extent of the clutter. There is also quite a bit of cleaning that takes place during decluttering, so an entire home may be decluttered in stages over several sessions. The only way to determine the duration is to take a look at the task at hand during a brief consultation.

We prefer to use what you already have, unless you do not have enough organisers and containers. In this case, we will discuss additional items during the consultation and recommend what would work best. 

While you don’t need to be present, it would be best if you were available to decide on items that you wish to donate, discard or keep, unless they have already been identified during the consultation. Our staff also have Police Check and Working with Children Check, and are fully insured. If you are not present during the declutter, we will pack the items we have removed so that you can make the final decision.

We offer a declutter reset, which is something that is needed once every two to three months, as opposed to regular house cleaning services. The services we offer may take anywhere between a few hours to a few days and are meant to help get your home back to a state that you can easily manage. If you need regular cleaners, we may be able to recommend some cleaning companies.

The Home Crew will declutter and clean  then re-organise your pantry. For renovations and remodelling, we can recommend a couple of professionals.

Yes, we certainly do! You may have colours or materials that you prefer to use, or you may have accessibility requirements. Whatever your specific needs are, we consult with you to make sure we can achieve what you want. 

A whole house declutter and refresh is a good place to start. We can help you with the initial declutter and pack away most of your personal items, de-personalising your home in the process. Your real estate agent might suggest staging your home and recommend staging specialists who can bring in some furniture and interior decor objects.

Every home is different and so is every job. We have worked with numerous clients and have a good understanding of the time and effort it takes to achieve what they want. Therefore, each job takes as long as it takes while we apply care and expertise. Because we charge flat rates, the outcome is not the number of hours you pay for. The outcome is the completion of an excellent job! 

  • Before you move in, two spaces that we recommend thoroughly cleaning are the kitchen and bathrooms. The Home Crew offers a detailing service where the kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned before you move in your things. 
  • When you are ready to move in, we can unpack your and set up your kitchen for maximum efficacy and aesthetic right from the start!

Book a consultation first if you have not already done so. Then, when you are ready to go ahead, we will book you in on your agreed date and secure a deposit that comes off your final invoice. On the day of the service, leave the rest to us.


15 minute onsite consultation
  • We assess your space
  • Tips and recommendations
  • We explain the process
Start here

Cupboard only

Pantry, linen/storage closet, wardrobe
$ 250
  • Declutter and sort items
  • Clean shelves and drawers
  • Organise for max. efficacy
  • Maintenance checklist

Whole room

Kitchen, living, home office
$ 600
  • Declutter and organise
  • Clean drawers, cupboards
  • Re-organise spaces
  • One free maintenance call*


Single car garage or storage shed
$ 480
  • Declutter and sort items
  • Clean shelves and floor
  • Re-organise tools/ storage
  • Consolidate rubbish